If you rent vehicles quite often, you might already know a lot of things about car rentals. For people who are renting for the first time or for those who feel that the last car rental experience wasn’t up to the mark, there are some expert pointers.

Even if you choose Mississauga car rentals, confusion and misunderstanding might happen.  In some cases, there are certain things which might be overlooked. This is the reason it is necessary to run an inspection of the vehicle which you will be taking for rent.

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Things to Do Before Driving Away

To speak statistically, the age bracket which uses the rental cars the most in the United States is people of the age 25-34. This is the age period when people have hundreds of things going on. Missing out on things here and there is not that uncommon.  Here are some things that you have to ensure that you do before you drive out away your car from Mississauga car rentals.

Keep Records

The first thing that you need to do is inspect the car that you have rented and record the condition. You will be able to do this by taking photos of the car from all the sides.  Make sure that you zoom in on the scratches, dents, and other blemishes.  This can help in proving that you weren’t responsible for this if required.


You should always check the tires which includes the spare tire.  You obviously do not want to drive off with the ones which are too run down.  Also, check for the grip ridges.  In case the tire of the vehicle from Mississauga car rentals is to eroded or shallow, you should ask for a replacement.  Moreover, you need to ensure that the tire doesn’t show a sign of weakness or damage.


Check if the electronics on the car that you are planning to rent are in complete working order.  Turn on the headlights, brake lights, the indicators, and lock switches if it is automated.  Also, heck the heating and the air-conditioning if you need them.  You need to report anything which is out of order and fixed what has to be fixed before exiting the lot.

Under the Hood

Take a quick look under the hood to ensure that everything of the Mississauga car rentals car is in ship shape. Check the levels of car fluid like oil and battery water.  You have to put the key in ignition and keep the engine running for some time. Consider if it is running smoothly.

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Final Scan

You have to give your car a final scan for anything that you might have missed.  Check under the seats, upholstery, and places such as the glove box.  Once it’s done, ask if you will be able to take the car for a spin.  This is to check if the car that you have rented from Mississauga car rentals is responsive so that you can settle into the feel of this.

After you are done with the checks mentioned above, you are good to go.  Chances are, if you are renting a car from a good rental company, you will not have to worry that much and you will have a peaceful vacation.