To Book with us for a Field Trip, please contact the Outreach Program Coordinator, Jayne Werry, at 306-295-4734. You can also email from our Contacts Page. We look forward to seeing you here!

Discovering Dinosaurs

Frills, spikes, teeth, and plates, adaptations helped dinosaurs survive! Learn about differences between types of dinosaurs and put together one of your own before excavating a mystery block.  What will you find inside?

Curriculum connections: K, Following Directions K, Gr1: Life Science: living things Gr2: Life  Science: animal growth and changes Gr.3 Interdependence 

What Big Teeth You Have

Plant-eater or meat-eater? How can you tell?  Get up close with dinosaur teeth to see the differences between theirs and our own.  Examine the museum’s model teeth and paint a replica “Scotty” tooth to keep!

Curriculum connections: Gr1: Life Science: living things Gr2: Life Science: animal growth and changes 

Bone Bed Dig Pit

How do palaeontologists go about digging up dinosaurs anyway?  Try it for yourself as you experience mapping, digging, cleaning, and speculating on your finds in the T.rex Centre’s own dinosaur dig pit.  What will you unearth?

Curriculum connections: Gr4: rocks, minerals, and erosion, LS HC4: Interdependence Gr.6  Diversity of living things

 Rocks: My World!

Explore the geologic history ofSaskatchewanand follow the rock cycle.  Your class is sure to enjoy the delightfully messy process of watching erosion in fast-forward! (Relax, we do all the clean-up.)

Curriculum connections: Gr. 2 Air & water Gr. 4: rocks, minerals, and erosion Gr. 5: Weather 



Fossil Finders

 Learn about the different environments fossils form and are found in.  Try to identify fossils from the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods, then search through matrix from a local Tertiary site and see what you can find!

Gr.6  Diversity of Living Things Gr.8  PS: Forces, Fluids, and Density



Replica Fossil Casting (age 14+)

How can you tell if what you’re looking at in the museum is the real thing or a replica?  We use replicas in our gallery to preserve the originals for future research.  Learn the process of making replicas while making your own replica “Scotty” tooth to keep.

Curriculum connections: Grade 9 Physical Science Atoms and Elements Grade 10 Physical Science: Chemical reactions