Discovering Dinosaurs (Grade K-3)

From frills to feet and tails to teeth, special adaptations make each dinosaur unique. In this program students explore and discuss anatomical features of both plant (herbivore) and meat-eating (carnivore) dinosaurs by creating their own creature and excavating kid-style.


What Big Teeth You Have (all ages)

Examine the differences and similarities between our teeth to those of creatures that lived millions of years ago. Try your hand at the artistic side of palaeontology. You will get the opportunity to paint a replica “Scotty” tooth to keep. We use replicas in the galleries to preserve the originals for future research. Can you tell the difference?


Bone Bed Dig Pit (Grade K-6)

Experience how paleontologists dig up fossils. Learn to identify which bone belongs to which dinosaur. Find out how paleontologists make a quarry map. Grab a shovel and see if you can find all the hidden bones in the sand. What clues lead you to the identity of your dinosaur discovery?



Fossil Finders (Grade 2-Adult)

Get to know the different types of fossils, and how to tell if you’ve found one.  Dig in to our fossil matrix, collected from a local Tertiary site, and see what you can find.  You never know what may turn up! All fossils found will go into the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s research collection and contribute in a very real way to our knowledge of Saskatchewan’s past.