If you are in Canada and visiting the Niagara Falls you must have heard about Clifton Hill, in fact your tour plan probably has its name on it. The best Niagara Falls tour from Toronto will definitely make it a point to help you visit Clifton hill. But you must have a lot of questions.

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Parking: There is a huge space for public parking in the driveway around Clifton Hill. The space is large enough to accommodate every car that comes in, even on days when Clifton Hill is extremely crowded. Prices may fluctuate, but space will be available.

ATMs: In case you are running out of cash, you can always use their ATMs. There are two ATMs inside Clifton Hill; one is Boston Pizza, and the other between the Niagara Speedway and KELSEYS Roadhouse.

Fun Pass: The fun pass can be purchased ahead of time on the official website of Clifton Hill. If you purchase it online make sure you get a print out of the ticket as the best Niagara Falls tour from Toronto suggests. But you also need to carry your ID with you. Children under the age of two are not charged. If you forgot to bring a print out, scanning of the ticket from your phone is possible in the Movieland Museum or the Niagara SkyWheel.

Niagara Falls tour from Toronto

If you lose it

Even if you lose the fun pass having its receipt will help you. A new card will be issued to you and the older one will be cancelled to prevent anyone else making use of it. However if you lose your receipt as well, you cannot get another card.

What are not covered by the pass?

According to the best Niagara Falls tour from Toronto there are certain amusements that are not covered by the Fun Pass, for example the Niagara Speedway. There are additional points to keep in mind if you want to avail of this amusement; there is a height requirement for the driver as well as the passenger. Without meeting the requirements you cannot get in.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed within the Clifton Hill premises as confirmed by the best Niagara Falls tour from Toronto. For anyone who is visually impaired, dogs may be used however they will not be let anywhere close to the rides and for good reason as any rational being will understand.

best Niagara Falls tour from Toronto

Lost and Found

There is a Lost and Found inside the premises. It is within the Great Midway, and situated inside the “information booth”.  In case of loss of any item the Clifton Hill security can be alerted, if you have already reached home you can call on the number given on the website for guest security and your request will be processed.

Apart from these there are pharmacies around Clifton Hill in case of an emergency. The safety and wellbeing of the guests are on the top of their priority list and the best Niagara Falls tour from Toronto assures you the best time and lots of memories.